Twickenham Homeopath

I am a professional homeopath with over 20 years of experience.

Since graduating from The London College Of Homeopathy, I have been practicing at the Maple Leaf Clinic where I was also a founding member. The clinic has a well- respected reputation in the area for providing a variety of alternative health and wellbeing treatments.

During my practice, l have successfully treated a wide range of physical and emotional health problems in adults, teenagers, children and babies. More specifically, I’ve had a lot of experience in treating skin conditions, stress & tension and women with hormonal & menopausal issues.

My main aim is to help people reach a higher level of health and vitality through homeopathy and simple changes in their lifestyle.

I have been practicing Tai Chi, Chi Kung and meditation regularly for over 15 years. This has given me a keen interest in healthy living and how people of all ages can stay well and fit all year round.

To my work I also bring the knowledge and skills that I have developed over a period of five years while at Spectrum with a personal development group.

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